When a child or young person feels powerless due to a traumatic or stressful experience they will often try to find ways to cope and regain a sense of power and control in an area of their lives. For some children and young people this sense of powerlessness can develop into eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia.

Eating disorders can impact all areas of life, such as the individuals physical development of the person, which can lead to social withdrawal and isolation as often the child or young person will try to hide their behaviours from those around them to avoid if being noticed.

In a society so impacted by social media it’s also important to remember that celebrity influence can also impact the self esteem of a child or young person as they aspire to look like someone who is perceived to have a lot of worth or status.


What are the most helpful things we can do?

  • Be kind and avoid making comments with the young person saying that they will only look better if they looked a certain way, as this will increase the sense shame for the person.

  • Suggest activities to socialise with the person that doesn’t involve meal times or eating.