Domestic ABUSE

What is it?

Domestic abuse is an incident or pattern of incidents of controlling, coercive, threatening, degrading and violent behaviour, including sexual violence.

 What could the child/young person feel like?


Shame, worried and anxious, responsible for their grown ups, nervous, confused, guilty. 


What are the worst things we could do?

It can be really tough for kids when people around them spend time talking about family life and making it seem that everyone has perfect families. 

It can be really tough for the children and young people from chaotic or volatile homes when adults in churches ask the children to ‘be good’ for their parents and ‘look after their siblings’ but this can actually put pressure on children who may already feel the pressure and worry about their family and what is going to happen next - so instead ask them how you can pray for them and build positive relationships with them. 

What are the most helpful things we can do?

Help the children to feel safe and have fun. When they are with adults who are not anxious or worried they can feel more relaxed and enjoy being children without the worry of what could happen. 


Pray for all the families including those going through a difficult time. 


Help the child feel safe and be aware that loud noises or sudden movements can frighten them. 

Where to find more info or help



This is a website aimed at resources churches about domestic abuse, domestic violence and other kid of violence against women. They have lots of resources to help support children and families.


This is a specialist trauma recovery charity set up to enable children and young people aged 3-24 years to have access to specialised trauma therapy. It has five centres in Bath, Bristol, Bradford, Guernsey and Oxford.