Anxiety and depression look different in children than in adults. Often depressed children are grumpy, withdrawn, and timid. You may notice that they have lost interest in the activities or games they used to enjoy and be less sociable with other kids or adults.  

Children who are anxious might describe having funny feelings in their body such as butterflies in their stomach, chest pains, headaches or sweaty/tingly palms. You might also notice that their demeanour changes and they look more agitated or easily startled.


What are the most helpful things we can do?

  • Be friendly, welcoming, kind and empathetic to the child as this will help them feel ‘seen’ and ‘heard’.

  • Try to help them feel known and valued by taking a quiet moment to see if they are ok and giving them space to share any worries

  • Find out whether a specific toy or friend to buddy up with helps them to feel safe and settled.